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Mighty Molly McLaughlin


Molly recently stayed with us at the Inn with her owner, Susie.  This is her story:

I am a canine, Miniature Schnauzer and Toy Chihuahua mix, almost 4 years old.  My birthdate is 11-11-11, really. My name is Mighty Molly McLaughlin, some of my friends call me “Mo.” I, thankfully, can’t remember exactly what happened to me in my first few weeks of life except that I suffered a lot. My story begins when I was dumped at the Harlingen Animal Shelter in Texas in January 2012. I was literally starving, on the edge of death’s door. I had bald skin covering my bones and wounds all over my tiny body. I didn’t even weigh one pound.  My face must have looked gaunt, fearful and sad because of the way the people there looked at me. Nobody took any pictures of me. The shelter must have thought I wasn’t pretty and that I was worthless. Even so, I tried to tell them I would try harder but they put me on some kind of list called “euthanasia,” whatever that is. It was hard to watch them walk away from me and give all their attention to better puppies.  I felt so lonely. Barely soon enough to save my life, a wonderful non-profit group with the name of Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue pulled me out of the shelter and nurtured me to better health. My foster mom, Jamie, was my first best friend. Man, was I feeling better! My belly was satisfied for the first time, I felt stronger, my tail started wagging a lot and I finally felt hope. I was adopted from the rescue group by Susan McLaughlin, it was a deeply-felt mutual love-at-first-sight. My wonderful new mom, lucky me, wasn’t even looking to adopt another dog when she met me.  After a short amount of time went by, I showed an instinct for giving my mom alerts for a medical condition she has had for many years.  People eagerly gave me training for becoming a registered service animal.  With no planning ahead, she saved me and then I saved her.  My story goes on from there so follow me on Facebook.

Molly enjoying the merry-go-round!


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