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Been to Bearizona?

Located about a hour-half drive from Flagstaff, on Old Route 66 in Williams, AZ, Bearizona is a fun wildlife park where visitors drive into “the wilderness” and observe herd and pack life from the safety and comfort of their vehicles.  Recently we decided to go check it out, and we are so glad we did!

Bearizona provides their resident animals with large, naturalistic enclosures and plenty of room to roam. Visitors stay in their vehicles while driving more than two miles through the Mountain Goat, American Burro, Brown Bison, Arctic Wolf, Tundra Wolf, Dall Sheep, White Bison, Big Horn Sheep,  and Black Bear areas. This is a great experience for both children and adults.  There’s also an option to take the bus tour for no additional fee, where a knowledgeable guide provides a plethora of information about all of the animals.  Our guide was able to call a few of the animals and feed them right from the driver’s seat, with their heads sticking through the bus door. Not the bears though.  The guide was also able to point out great photo opportunities, like a bear hanging out in a tree.

Fort Bearizona is the second part of the adventure, which is a walk-through area with baby and smaller animals, as well as the Bearizona Barnyard, an interactive petting zoo.  The last portion of the park is the Birds of Prey show that occurs three times a day in Fort Bearizona.  They ask the audience to sit very still because the birds literally will fly directly overhead and in between the people.Bearizona is open year-round. For more information and special events, check out the Bearizona website.

This is Gracie showing off her Bearizona tattoo!

This is Gracie showing off her Bearizona tattoo

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